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WEBINAR REPLAY: Future of Bus-based Public Transport System: Deficit and Future Requirements (6 AUG 2020)
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Future of Bus-based Public Transport System: Deficit and Future Requirements

This webinar is organized in partnership with UNCRD (Japan) and UN HABITAT.

THURSDAY 6 AUG 2020 | 11:00 AM (IST)

Duration: 1 hour

The webinar

The growth of bus system in India is not proportionate to the growth in transport demand. The demand & supply gap has led to operations of overcrowded, uncomfortable and unsafe buses reducing their attractiveness to public and resulting in a shift towards personal vehicles.

  • The share of buses including public buses in the total vehicle population is only 0.8%.
  • With the increase in population, there will be increase in associated travel demand.
  • Unless intervened, there will be continued growth in the use of private vehicles to meet the transport demand.
  • This will result in increased negative impacts effecting environment, human health and economy.
  • Therefore, there is an urgent need to plan the growth of transport sector on sustainable path to minimize the impacts.

Indian bus based public transport system is organized along a mixed pattern of public and private ownership and service provision with private sector operating 90% of the buses. 22% of the existing bus fleet of STUs is over-aged. There is also a great disparity in service provision of urban bus system in India. And there is also a busting deficit in bus fleet. STUs earn revenue less than the operating cost resulting in financial losses.

The number of buses per lakh population has remained constant over the last decade, even though there has been steep increase in the population

Going forward, there is a need to address these issues. Fill the existing gaps in services and plan to meet the future bus transport requirements.

The objective of this webinar is to examine the possibilities of strengthening the bus-based public transport system both by the STUs and the private sector operators during the next decade as well as by increasing the supply of bus manufacturing to reduce the deficit and meet the future requirements.


  • Dr. Kulwant Singh, Advisor, Busworld Academy



Presentations of Mr. Satendra Kumar, Mr. Jayarao Gunti, Mr. Alok Jain & Mrs. Geetam Tiwari can be downloaded via the link at the bottom or top of this page.


Answers to the questions asked which were not answered live during the webinar can be found at the download link below.

Online Webinar
Future of Bus-based Public Transport System
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