Breakfast session: import regulations for buses, components and services in the United States
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On Saturday Busworld Academy, in collaboration with the American Bus Association, organized an informative session on the import regulations in North America and the wrongly feared ‘Buy America’ regulation.

With 900 affiliated companies (approximately 2000 vehicles), ABA represents about 60% of the coach companies. They organize a yearly travel fair, but not a vehicle fair like Busworld. That’s why ABA and Busworld are the ideal partners to organize a bus and coach show in North America as well.

With only a handful of America based OEM’s, there is still a lot of room for newcomers in the US, especially when it comes to suppliers.

A detailed explanation of the ‘Buy America’ regulations quickly made clear that interested parties should not fear importation into the US. The import restrictions only apply to city and transit buses that are financed (partially or entirely) with federal public money, while regional or urban concessions are not affected. Furthermore, school buses and coaches are not subject to this restriction. Neither is software. Exemptions can also be made for parts or systems that are not available in the US, or that are lacking in quality and for orders below US$ 150,000.

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