Autonomous buses: regulation and juridical aspects

Autonomous buses: regulation and juridical aspects

Focussing on the Belgian situation

in collaboration with VIAS (the belgian institute for traffic safety)

Open for everyone and free of charge, but pre-registration is required


10h00 Welcome

10h30 Set the scene

  • Welcome by Redgy Deschacht, President of Busworld
  • Mr. Bellot, Belgian minister for mobility
  • Jean-François Gaillet, VIAS - Involvement of VIAS in the deployment of autonomous buses in Belgium (projects)
  • Keynote by Clément Delbouys, EASYMILE

11h00 When will we have autonomous buses in Belgian cities or enclosed area’s- status of technology and services – Round table discussion 

  • Jean Baptiste Latil d’Albertas - NAVYA
  • Clément Delbouys, EASYMILE
  • Dennis Mica, 2getthere
  • Dario Deserranno,Ush (Lab Box)
  • Martin Koutný, Herman Elektronik, ITSG5

11h40 Coffee break

11h50 Legal Framework for the introduction of autonomous buses in Belgium

  • Geert Van Der Linden, DG Move - “Is Belgium using all incentives the EC is providing ?” 
  • Karel Hofman & Abde Jebari: “Vision from the Belgian Ministry of Transport”

12h15 Vision of Belgian operators

  • Roger Kesteloot, de Lijn
  • Philippe Vandewauwer, MIVB
  • Simon Collet, TEC

12h30 Belgian projects in the near future

  • Project in Wallonia : Louvain-la-Neuve- Simon Collet, TEC
  • Project in Flanders : Zaventem Airport- Barbara Demaire
  • Project in Brussels : MIVB project in Sint Pieters Woluwe- Philippe Vandewauwer

13h00 Future projects of de Lijn

  • Johan Van Looy

13h15 Lunch

14h00 Visit of the exhibition

Brussels Expo
Place de Belgique 1
1020 Bruxelles
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