Slobodan Misanovic
Project manager
City public transport company-Belgrade-

Slobodan Misanovic Graduated from University of Belgrade (1994), Master of traffic engineering and PhD candidate (in the process of making a doctoral dissertation ‘'Energy and Environmental Performance of E.buses in the passenger transport system’’) on the Faculty of Engineering University of Kragujevac (Serbia).

He is the Project Manager in GSP ’’Beograd’’ (City Public Transport Company-Belgrade) and the leading expert in the field: E-bus, Clean vehicles for PT, Energy efficiency. During 2015-2016, he had a leading role in the project of introducing the first line with 5 E-buses in the system of PT in Belgrade. Since 2005, permanent member of UITP Bus Committee. Member of the ZeEUS-User group, project EC (2015-2018).

He has great international experiences and cooperation with the largest companies for the public transport and bus manufacturer in Europe and the world.

He published more than 40 scientific papers.

[1] Mišanović S., Živanović Z., Tica S.: Energy efficiency of different bus subsystems in Belgrade public transport, Thermal Science, Year 2015, Vol.19, No.6, p.2233-2244, ISSN 2334-7163, DOI REFERENCE: [2] Mišanović S., Živanović P.,Savković D.,Krstić P.,Ivanov S.,Stević S.: Two-year successful exploitation of the electric buses in Belgrade, 7th International Congress Motor Vehicles & Motors 2018, Kragujevac, 4-5 October 2018, Proceedings, ISBN 978-86-6335-055-7, pp.487-492 [3] Zivanovic Z., Misanovic S.: Fully Electric Buses are Promising Technology in the Future, International Congress “Motor Vehicles & Motors 2014”, October 9th-10th, 2014, Kragujevac, Proceedings on CD, Introductory Lectures, MVM2014-IL8, pp. 81-106, ISBN 978-86-6335-010-6. [4] Tomić M., Jovanović Z., Mišanović S., Živanović Z., Masončić,Z.: Some energetic and ecological aspects of diferent city bus drive systems, Thermal Science, Year 2018, Vol.22, Issue3,pp.1493-1504, ISSN2334-7163, DOI REFERENCE: [5] Mišanović S., Taranović D., Lukić J., Pešić R., Glišović J.: The impact of the system for heating and air-conditioning on the enerrgy efficiency of the electric drive bus (E-bus), 7th International Congress Motor Vehicles & Motors 2018, Kragujevac, 4-5 October 2018, Proceedings, ISBN 978-86-6335-055-7, pp.115-137. [6] Mišanović S.: Electricity consumption of electric bus on the EKO 1 line in Belgrade in different periods of the year, Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technologies Symposium, February 19-21, 2019 │ Garden Grove (Anaheim), CA, USA

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