Jos Haas
Publisher and editor-in-chief
Touringcar & Bus

For many years Jos Haas has worked as a freelance journalist for various magazines in different trades and also for regional n ewspapers and business magazines.In 2015, he launched his own magazine in The Netherlands, Touringcar & Bus, for which he is the publisher and editor-in-chief. Touringcar & Bus is a specialized magazine for the bus and coach sector.

Jos Haas is the vice-president of the International Bus and Coach of the Year Jury and a member of the Board of the association of Dutch automotive journalists.

Since the beginning of the 1990's, Jos Haas started working as a reporter for several trade magazines to become their editor-in-chief in 2003:

Tour Magazine was aimed at the coach driver and coach companies.TransportVisie was a business magazine especially for the logistic sector and hauliers in the Netherlands. Nederlands Vervoer is a specialized magazine for the public transport, taxi and coach sector.
Both Nederlands Vervoer and TransportVisie were policy informing magazines also including a large quantity of articles with news about the state of the commercial vehicles sector and environment.

Since 2011 Jos Haas is working as a freelance journalist - and communication expert - for the magazines Materieelkrant, Car&Bus Magazine, Transporama, Auto en Transportwereld, manufacturers in the commercial vehicle industry and also for magazines in the construction-sector.

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