Cesar Augusto Vargas Borraez
General Manager

Cesar Augusto Vargas Borraez, 36 years old, from Bogota Colombia, administrator of companies with specialization in Marketing and Project Management, President of Grupo C Colombia S.A.S. Company providing services to passenger transport companies specializing in the design, implementation and implementation of strategies aimed at positioning customer service as a differential value and means of passenger loyalty to transport companies.15 years of research in the passenger transport sector in Colombia focused on generating projects and related products for transport companies and owning them in the area of customer service.Consultant on issues related to customer service and brand positioning and increase in the flow of passengers, strategist and marketing specialist.

GRUPO C COLOMBIA S.A.S. is the innovative company in bus travel with a trajectory of 16 years that has broken the limits in the provision of services focused on increasing the flow of passengers for traditional transport companies with its S.I.A.P. (Comprehensive Passenger Service) especially with the introduction of FreestyleBus that revolutionizes the industry giving customers more assistance, comfort, information, freedom and flexibility.
Today we have the vision more of the duty of customer service as an added value for transport companies and how to increase the flow of passengers and generate a differential value without cost in their operations offering our customers the opportunity to enjoy a package of services focused on covering your needs on board and on land.
We also have special package services for vacations being our basic purpose is to contribute in an efficient and effective way to increase the added value to the transport companies in order to generate a culture of travel and give our passengers and employees the best deal possible to have a human and warm distinction in our services.
Our fundamental mission is the implementation of strategic plans for the development of tourism activities and processes of the different transport companies worldwide to be a strategic ally in services allowing organizations to focus their efforts on their operation.
In addition, plans for the projection of viable proposals for establishing
New routes and their services.

You will find added value in my second publication as a competitiveness tool for transport companies.

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