This report is supposed to be the first of its kind to analyse the performance of a large sample of buses (+100) consistently over several seasons and months, and to look separately at how much 12-meter and 18-meter buses consume in cold, normal, and high temperatures. The study indicates that the average distance driven of the 12-meter buses analysed is 218.02 km (135.47 miles) per day. For the 18-meter buses, the average is 164.32 km (102.10 miles) per day. Viriciti collected empirical field data from various Dutch operators which shows that with optimized infrastructure and operational processes, electric buses are able to run as much as diesel buses (up to 500 km/day).

ViriCiti gathered, anonymized and analysed data from 79 12-meter buses and 27 18-meter buses active across 7 cities in the Netherlands and were linked to the ViriCiti dashboard. The buses are produced by various manufacturers. The daily temperatures were calculated on average and divided into 3 categories: cold temperatures (-10 to –14 °C, or 14 to 57 °F average), normal (15 to 19 °C, or 58 to 67 °F average), and high (20 to 29 °C, or 68 to 84 °F average). The calculation method can be found in the full report.

ViriCiti was founded in 2012 by four engineers with backgrounds in e-mobility, mechanical engineering, computer science, and entrepreneurship. The company is now involved in some of the largest commercial electric operations (city buses and trucks) in over 20 different countries around the globe. The European headquarters is located in Amsterdam, the North American headquarters is on the East Coast and a Sales and Support Center is located on the West coast of the United States. Over 3,500 buses and chargers in Europe and USA are connected to Viriciti's telematics.

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