It will come as no surprise, but the commercial vehicle market is still very weak. Overall demand in the EU declined with another 20.3% reports Acea in its quarterly presentation. According to the organization in June bus and coach registrations fell by 41.5% in the EU, a slight improvement compared to May’s decline (-56.5%). Were Acea is counting every vehicle from 3,5 t. Chatrou CME Solutions draws the line at 8 tons which means the number of registrations decreased with 4,493 units to a total of 9,721 registrations in the EU. A minus of 31.6%.

Also Acea takes into account all the European Union member states were as CME Chatrou solutions uses the figures from 21 countries including for instance non-EU countries like Switzerland, Norway and the United Kingdom. It means Acea incorporates an order for 65 VDL minibuses for Cyprus were Chatrou CME Solutions does not incorporate Cyprus at all. Although the difference in approach the results are more or less the same: the bus and coach sector experiences a dramatic year. Whether it is Acea or Chatrou's CME Solutions the decline is double digit in every country. According to Acea bus and coach registrations fell by more than half in Spain (-52.3%), while Italy (-21.3%), Germany (-19.2%) and France (-18.9%) posted more modest decreases so far this year. Also at CME Solutions Spain shows the worst figure with a decline of 51.6% were as United Kingdom also hits over 50% the same as Poland, Denmark, Ireland and Belgium. In per cent the best country is the Netherlands with only 10.5% less registrations compared to the first six months of 2019. This is merely due to 214 city buses put on registration and 59 coaches from which 46 were registered in the first quarter and only 13 in the second quarter of this year, including 8 coaches for the military. Acea sees 281 registrations in the Netherlands over the first six months, but uses the 3,5 tons limit.

According to Acea the rate of decline of the total commercial vehicle market slowed compared to April and May. The drop was less pronounced in the van segment, easing the overall result. In the “heavy” truck and bus segments three out of the four largest markets in the region posted double-digit percentage declines in June: Germany (-30.5%), Spain (-24.2%) and Italy (-12.8%), while France recorded a modest increase (+2.2%). Each of the 27 EU markets posted double-digit percentage drops so far this year, including the four major ones: Spain (-44.8%), Italy (-35.4%), France (-32.0%) and Germany (-28.6%).

Last month, demand for vans declined by 10.4% to 142,799 units. However, this a notable improvement compared to the sharp drop of 41.3% recorded in May. France – the biggest market for light commercial vehicles – made a significant contribution, marking a 7.8% growth in June with 51,849 units registered. Growth was also recorded in Belgium (+8.4%), Romania (+6.4%) and Luxembourg (+3.1%). On the other hand, Spain (-19.8%) and Germany (-17.7%) still suffered double digit losses, followed by Italy with a more modest decline (-5.3%).

Six months into the year, the EU market for new light commercial vehicles shrank by 31.8%. During the first half of 2019, 92,278 heavy trucks were registered across the European Union, down 44.2% compared to the same period one year ago. Demand shrank by 41.3% in Germany, followed by France (-40.6%), Spain (-37.3%) and Italy (-34.2%).

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