How to Ensure New Mobility Services Make City Life Better, Not Worse... use marketing
We’re constantly looking for unique ways to engage with passengers, generate brand awareness and increase ridership.

A recent headline in the Chicago Tribune read: “Driverless cars may make traffic worse, not better.” The same week, the BBC ran a story titled, “How the internet is clogging up city streets.”   How this affect to the public urban transportation image?


We’re constantly looking for unique ways to engage with passengers, generate brand awareness and increase ridership.

Both articles question some of the conventional wisdom suggesting that new mobility services will ease congestion and pollution by creating a seamless path from home to office and back, and anywhere in between in comfortable, shared, zero-emission vehicles. 

Transportation planners have noted the only thing worse than streets clogged with single-occupant vehicles would be streets clogged with additional fleets of zero-occupant vehicles. Meaning if we simply add robotaxis to the current mix of public and private transit options, we could indeed see congestion worsen in city centers.

While autonomous cars enjoy increasing attention in the media, the focus has been mainly on the vehicles. Vehicles alone don’t constitute services. How can these vehicles, along with ridehailing and public transit services, be coordinated and optimized to create and deliver services that people love and that reduce traffic and pollution?

We needed to find a way to increase ridership and brand awareness within urban transportation and surrounding cities. Launching new fares and tickets promotion definitely would help us achieve this.

Developing Campaign Strategies & Objectives
To meet our campaign goal of increased ridership, we developed a variety of strategies and objectives:
•    Drive campaign and brand awareness through engagement with fans/followers on social media networks. 
•    Provide passengers with transit-oriented date ideas for get on board day to encourage ridership(Media outreach to targeted media to garner campaign publicity and awareness). 
•    Drive traffic to campaign webpage and social media. 
•    Reach out to local partners and businesses to help promote campaign via social media platforms.

Most transit networks already have massive management centers with sophisticated management tools. It will be important for new mobility services to easily integrate with transit systems to marketing departament to get new data up and running quickly. This is important because new mobility services will be complementary to current transit modes, solving first/last mile limitations, making conventional services more convenient for commuters, and for intra-city transit. Microtransit — shared, human-driven cars, or vans — for example, can pool travelers with similar destinations at train and bus stations and take them to their homes or offices.

Cities around the world are expected to grow significantly in coming decades. Most cannot add more roads to make mobility easier. Large public transit infrastructure projects like new rail lines are expensive and take years to plan and build. New mobility services like ride hailing, micro-transit and autonomous taxis and shuttles can be integrated and deployed with minimal new infrastructure investment, reducing the use of private cars, increasing the use of public transit, and making cities more livable to residents, commuters and visitors.    

With the newest marketing strategies we will have a chance to implement promotional ride campaigns but will include enhanced marketing communications efforts such as digital discounted fare, special coupon opportunities, and radio and TV advertising to build brand awareness and increase ridership and not promote only the carsharing or driverless cars as the unique salvation of the traffic.

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