The Dutch energy supplier Eneco and the Rotterdam public transport company RET will start working together from 1 January 2020 to make public transport in the Rotterdam region even more sustainable. As part of the collaboration, Eneco will supply green energy produced in the Netherlands from next year.

Earlier this year, the Rotterdam public transport company RET put a tender on the market that included the requirement that the supplier would add new, sustainable capacity for the production of green electricity in the Netherlands. RET and Eneco recently signed a contract for the next ten years were in Eneco will supply 135 million kWh annually to the RET - the equivalent of the consumption of around 43,000 households.

The new contract fits in seamlessly with the sustainable ambitions of the RET. General Manager Maurice Unck: “With this new contract we ensure that extra capacity for the sustainable production of electricity is built in the Netherlands. Moreover, part of the contract is that Eneco installs solar panels on at least one and possibly more RET buildings, starting with over 2,000 m2 on the tram depot. Ultimately, the companies have the joint ambition to generate more sustainable energy in 2030 than the RET uses: an energy-positive public transport.

RET will switch to fully zero-emission bus transport. In 2030, the entire bus fleet will be emission-free, starting on December 15, when the first batch of 55 zero-emission buses will go in operation. Furthermore, in 2018 the RET already had solar panels installed on several metro stations, and the transport company is committed to making its own fleet of vehicles more sustainable, energy-neutral and circular construction and more efficient use of energy. Another example of sustainable applications is the use of olivine on the metro line “Hoekse Lijn”, a material that lies along the track and over the years absorbs its own weight (20,000 tonnes) of CO2.

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