Busworld Academy represents the global bus industry at the World Urban Forum

Busworld Academy argues for a significant increase in budgets for the implementation of modern bus systems at the UN World Urban Forum

Beside multiple bilateral contacts, Busworld Academy organized 3 important events at the World Urban Forum (WUF) in Abu Dhabi.  This forum, organized by United Nations´ programme for Human Settlements (UN Habitat) is was attended by 18.000 participants, amongst who federal ministers on Transport from over 80 countries, and over 500 mayors.  It focuses on de quality of life in cities and urban areas.  Public transport is clearly a main topic in this.

Since the Busworld Academy is now a partner organization of UN habitat, representing the worldwide bus industry, in the Busworld Academy seminar we emphasized  the need for faster and more important investments for the implementation of sustainable and efficient bus systems.   Public transport by bus and coach was presented as the most cost effective and flexible solution to provide collective urban transport accessible to all.

In this statement, the Busworld Academy was supported by the Belgian minister for mobility, Mr Bellot, by the former federal minister of Russia and present CEO for the Moscow Department for Transport Service, Mr Asaul, by the chairman of the Iskandar Regional Development Authority in Malaysia, Mr Datuk Ismail, by Mrs Heather Thompson and Dr Bernadia respective CEO of ITDP and Secretary General of UCLG ASAPC.   More organizations such as GIZ and the Wuppertal Institute signed up for further collaboration with the Busworld Academy on this matter.

Together with BOCI, the federation of Indian private bus operators, represented by its president Mr Prasanna Patwardhan,  the attention and support for the vast majority of bus service providers, which are the private operators, was requested.  To often, support for innovation is exclusively accessible to state owned companies, while for example in India 90% of the busfleet is operated by private operators.  BOCI was offered  a speaking slot in the Busworld Academy seminar at the WUF.

In a closed meeting with the directors of UN Habitat, the Belgian- and Flemish ministers for mobility and housing, the Busworld Academy was requested to continue expressing the voice of the bus industry towards international policy making organizations.  The Busworld Academy was invited to represent the bus industry during the United Nations conference on Environmental Sustainable Transport and during the UN Climate conference in November 2020 in Glasgow.  We are inviting all bus manufacturers and Busworld Academy Experts to collaborate in this mission.

The Busworld Academy network event during WUF, was organized together with the European Commission and the state of Brazil. Here as well, the message for new and creative incentives to support the  renewal of the busfleet -especially in developing countries, was expressed and well heard by over 50 national governments.


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