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What is the Busworld Academy?

The Busworld Academy: a knowledge platform for the worldwide bus & coach sector

Acquire, bundle and share knowledge

Throughout their existence, Busworld and the Busworld Academy have been a focal point for people who want to find all kinds of information on the many aspects of the bus and coach industry. Using our worldwide network of exhibitors, operators, academics, journalists, engineers and other contacts, we have always been able to point people in the right direction.

The Busworld Academy has three main objectives, mainly to acquire, bundle and share bus and coach related knowledge about all aspects of the industry, including technological developments to enhance sustainable mobility, legislation, markets and more specialised topics, such as coach tourism. These topics can be categorised in three main fields: Safety, Sustainability and Comfort.


...means that we will look for all existing knowledge, studies, projects and proposals. A lot of research is being done, but some of it is not communicated well enough. On top of this, we need to motivate schools, colleges and universities to undertake new research with suitable qualified partners, especially when there is need for extra knowledge in a certain area.


...means making all this information, both existing and new, “findable” or retrievable.


...means making this knowledge available for other parties to support bus and coach development worldwide through the Busworld communication channels and through the participation of Busworld Academy Expert Members in seminars, congresses and other events where the right knowledge can and will make the difference.


...in the Busworld Academy will be organised in four main categories:

  • Technological developments: the research and development departments of the bus and coach industry and other related industries; academics, engineers, experts in various fields, and students. This will concentrate on important topics like safety, sustainable mobility (weight of vehicles, mobility, alternative energy…) and the availability of funding for research.
  • Legislation: the construction and use of buses and coaches; emissions legislation; Bus Rapid Transit and school buses; import and export regulations. This will have links with legal authorities and trade associations like IRU and UITP.
  • Market information: this will describe the bus and coach business per region, especially those where Busworld is active. We will collate all available statistics and market research. This information will be important for people involved in marketing, product planning, aftersales, and for journalists.
  • Specialised topics such as Coach Tourism and Niche Markets
"On different occasions the Busworld Academy has proven to be the best networking event for representatives from international, national and local authorities and federations, public transport agents, bus and coach operators, manufacturers, suppliers and other experts and professionals, to share their knowledge and visions of the sector"
Jan Deman
Director Busworld Academy

Born in 1971 within BAAV, the Flemish Federation for Bus and Coach Entrepreneurs, the Busworld Exhibitions have become the leading trade fairs for the Bus & coach industry, worldwide.  In 2013, the Busworld Academy was added to the concept, resulting in unique congresses, seminars and conferences gathering all stakeholders to share insights, discuss visions and create exceptional network opportunities. Since  the manufacturers, suppliers and -operators were already present at the trade fair, the Academy completed this group with authorities, knowledge institutes and new stakeholders, regarding evolutions and trends such as zero emission mobility, digitalization,  and the adapted business models and present & future market analysis.

Our doors are open to everybody, and we kindly invite you all to collaborate on the input of our seminars and congresses.  Mobility matters to us all.

I look forward to meet you.

Stefan Meersseman, President Busworld Academy

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