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James Wang

Transit Scholar of Chongqing Jiaotong University, China

Mr. James is a transit scholar of Chongqing Jiaotong University, the editor-in-chief of the China Bus & Coach Yearbook. He has worked in the road transport and public transport field for more 30 years, his background includes bus & coach manufacture, operation and management, traffic safety and aesthetics, and he is the founder of the first Chinese motor vehicle website on internet (1997).

Mr. James started his professional study in traffic engineering, and his first book is Traffic Safety Psychology (ISBN 7-5023-0184/U·11, 1988), second is Traffic Aesthetics: Theory & Practice (ISBN 7-5023-1711-2/U·34, 1992). Then he focus on Guide to Bus and Coach World (ISBN 7-5366-5048-5/U·16, 2000), and published a series China Bus & Coach Yearbook (ISBN 7-900326-05-7, 2002) in difference theme, such as Bus & Coach of the Year Report (ISBN 7-900391-14-2, 2006), Buses & Coaches Catalog (ISBN 978-7-900391-40-7, 2007), Industry Development Report (ISBN 978-7-900391-60-5, 2008), Internationalization & Global Marketing (ISBN 978-7-900391-25-4, 2009), Manufacturer Competitiveness Survey (ISBN 978-7-89477-247-3, 2010), Smart Bus System & Innovative Solutions (ISBN 978-7-89477-247-3, 2012).

Mr. James has made major contributions to Bus Rapid Transit in China, he is the translator of TCRP Report 90 – Bus Rapid Transit, Volume 2: Implementation (ISBN 978-7-112-10465-9, 2009), and the author of Guide to Bus Rapid Transit in China (ISBN 7-89491-175-5, 2005). He is the director of expert workgroup in China Bus Rapid Transit Technology Popularization Committee (CCES), and he directed the national research project of Guide to Bus Rapid Transit System in China (Ministry of Construction 06-K4-38, 2006).

Mr. James devote in bus fleet management system application in China, he is the invention patent of smart bus system (CN 102855599 A); he is an adviser of school bus regulations and standards, and he is an advocate of trolleybus renaissance in China. Mr. James also actively promotes the business co-operation between China manufacturer and abroad technology vendors & bus buyers.

Mr. James is a member of the UITP, the fellow of China Civil Engineering Society, the committee member of China Public Transportation Association and China Urban Public Transport Society, and the expert of Bus Institute of China.

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