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Hans Kuipers


Hans Kuipers started some thirty years ago a free-lance career as a motoring writer, specialising in technical reviews on trucks, buses, coaches and other road transport equipment. Before, he was active in various marketing and market communication functions.

He built up a career as a free-lance technical editor for a number of European trade journals like the Dutch magazines Auto- & Transportwereld, Nederlands Vervoer and Tour Magazine, the Belgian journals Car & Bus Magazine and Transporama, and the British journal Truck & Bus Builder.

Further, Hans Kuipers worked as a writer/translator for the truck, bus and component industry, mainly Volvo Truck Corporation, Volvo Bus Corporation, VDL, Thermo King, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco, Eaton, Volkswagen, and for the Dutch RAI Exhibition Center. Since ten years he is involved in the Busworld organisation, as their webeditor for the newssite, and as member of the jury of the European Coach and Bus Week and the Asian Coach and Bus Week.

Hans Kuipers is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers, and is particularly interested in all kinds of alternatives for the current materials and techniques. Additional points of interests for him are the fast developments in China and India.

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