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Anatriello Danilo


2013 June Partner of Firecom Automotive s.r.l.Sambuca Pistoiese street 72/a 00138 Rome, Italy Firefighting system Technical and sales manager Currently involved in the development and dissemination of the new system for fire suppression systems in engine compartments for buses and coaches.

2002 Employee of Firecom s.r.l. design and develop of aerosol Potassium salt firefighting systems for civil constructions, marine and vehicle.

2001 PHD in fire protection systems ; Fire brigade's headquarter of Rome. Registered at the Italian interior ministry as certifier No. I02662.

2000 Degree in electrical engineering (University of Rome “La Sapienza”). Currently enrolled ASSTRA association (association of companies and entities of Italian local public transport), I participated in several meetings concerning the safety of transportation. Member in the Reference Group for the International Standard on Fire Suppression Systems for use in Bus and Coach Engine Compartments.

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