Busworld Academy Congress Turkey 2018: 19 - 20 april 2018

The third edition of the Busworld Academy congress in Turkey, on April 20th, will focus on The future of bus-mobility , with seminars on the digitalization, passenger comfort and bus design, infotainment systems, Mobility-as-a-service, the evolution towards zero-emission buses, passenger safety, business models, market analysis etc.

The Busworld Academy congress accompanies the Busworld Exhibition in Hall B of FUAR IZMIR.

It is the perfect opportunity to see and hear about the latest evolutions in technology and markettrends in the bus- & coach business. Meanwhile, the Busworld Academy offers the best network-event with representatives from international, national and local authorities and federations, with public transport agents and bus-and coach operators, with bus manufacturers and supplier


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9:30 - 12:00 Opening remarks Busworld Exhibition

14:00 - 16:00 Opening Session of the Busworld Academy: Market trends in the Bus Sector

  • Mr. James Norris, Senior Analyst, LMC Automotive: The current bus market situation: a global perspective
  • Mr. Turgay Akkaya, Assistant General Manager, ESHOT - Smart and Green Public Transportation; İzmir Case
  • Mr. Erdal Uygun, Director of Transportation services, Edirne Municipality, Turkey / Vice-President of Transportation Commission at the Union of Municipalities of Turkey. - Cooperatives in the institutionalization of individual Operators/ Case study of Edirne Public Transport System.
  • Mr. Berkan Bayram, Founder and Executive Director, TEHAD (Turkey Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Association): The latest Electric and Hybrid vehicle technologies and industry developments.
  • Mrs. Esra Levent, Turkisch representative for Global Passenger Network - Future of coach and coach tourism in Turkey
  • Mr. Sedat Çinar, Deputy Director of Commercial Vehicles, Public and Special Sales, BMC - Brief Insight on the Turkish Busmarket

Moderator: Mr Jan Deman, Director, Busworld Academy


10:00 - 12:00: E-bus

  • Mr. Sebastian Castellanos, Energy And Climate Associate, WRI - Impact of e-bus in urban areas
  • Mrs. Anna Ozdelen, Local Mobility Consultant, Frost & Sullivan - Market Opportunity for Electric Buses in Europe.
  • Mr. Hakan Uzkat, Technology Development Manager, ESHOT - Zero Emission Public Transportation Experience
  • Mr. Muhammed Emre KIRAN, Training Manager, UITP – Tendering processes for the purchase of E-buses
  • Mr. Thomas Mourey, Project Officer, POLIS, network of cities and regions - Eliptic : Optimising existing electric PT infrastucture
  • Mr. Artem Burlakov, Head of Project Office,Mosgortrans - Evolution of electric buses in Moscow

Moderator: Mr. Sebastian Castellanos, WRI

14:00 - 16:00: Safety and Technology in Public Buses

  • Mr. Tolga Imamoglu, Transport & Road Safety Manager, WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities - Status on safety measures in bustransport in Turkey
  • Mr. Hakan Uzun Özet,Head of Transportation Planning Department, ESHOT - İzmir Public Transportation System
  • Mr. Utku Cihan, Chief Urban Planner, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality - Year 2030: Transportation System of Izmir
  • Mr. Zeynel Albas, Metrobus Depot Manager, IETT Istanbul Electricity, Tramway and Tunnel General Management - Metrobus Maintenance Model
  • Mr. Abdullah Keskin,Transportation Planning Manager, Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality - Public Transportation Business Models
  • Mrs. Perihan Aydin, Occupational Health & Safety Consultant, Director Of Business Development , HED Academy - Driver Training & Competency
  • Mrs. Yesim Ayoz, Chairperson, Suat Ayoz Traffic Victims SATMD – How to reduce public transport victims.
  • Mr. Andres Alejandro Pinate, Marketing and Customer Director, Vectalia - Remaking the public transportation riderexperience for the digital era

Moderator: Mr. Tolga Imamoglu, WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities


WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities

WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities develops sustainable urban development and energy efficiency solutions for our cities. Part of WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities network, we are offering evidence based practical solutions for cities in all around the world with our over 200 experts in Brasil, China, India, Mexico, Turkey and USA.

GPN: Global Passenger Network

Global Passenger Network (GPN) is an organization of quality motor coach companies promoting the use of motor coach service through the joint efforts of member motor coach companies and various alliances in the major markets throughout the world. The Network, as a non-profit organization, has as its primary objective the promoting, improving and serving the motor coach industry around the world, particularly within the countries where its members are located, as well as educating the consumer public regarding the availability, benefits and use of motor coach services. From its 10 founders in 2006, GPN has grown to include currently 38 countries members.
Although the goal is to offer service in every country around the world, GPN’s focus remains on quality coach hire rather than quantity, and only the best operators are considered for membership. Further, the Global Passenger Network strives to be the leading international organization in the area of surface passenger transportation.


“ESHOT General Directorate was established to serve the city of Izmir on a wide range of services such as Electricity, Water, Coal Gas, and Public Transport in 1943. As an experienced, deep-rooted and well-established enterprise, ESHOT is affiliated to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and has its own independent budget.

Today, ESHOT General Directorate provides public transportation service throughout the city of İzmir with its recently rejuvenated bus fleet.

İzmir is the 3rd largest city in Turkey with population over 4 million. Each day, over 350.000 active public transport passengers use bus system. Over 1500 scheduled buses operate on over 327 different routes. Every day around 800 thousand journeys are made across bus network.

The General Directorate of ESHOT continues its effective role and duty in public transportation network of Izmir to reach to the targeted contemporary level through its environmentalist new bus fleet.”

  1. Hall B of FUAR IZMIR.
  2. Languages: English, Turkish - Simulaneous Translation