Past seminars

Busworld Academy Congress Turkey 2018: 19 - 20 april 2018

The third edition of the Busworld Academy congress in Turkey, on April 20th, will focus on The future of bus-mobility , with seminars on the digitalization, passenger comfort and bus design, infotainment systems, Mobility-as-a-service, the evolution towards zero-emission buses, passenger safety, business models, market analysis etc.

The Busworld Academy congress accompanies the Busworld Exhibition in Hall B of FUAR IZMIR.

It is the perfect opportunity to see and hear about the latest evolutions in technology and markettrends in the bus- & coach business. Meanwhile, the Busworld Academy offers the best network-event with representatives from international, national and local authorities and federations, with public transport agents and bus-and coach operators, with bus manufacturers and supplier


Download the programme brochure!

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9:30 - 12:00 Opening remarks Busworld Exhibition

14:00 - 16:00 Opening Session of the Busworld Academy: Market trends in the Bus Sector

  • Mr. James Norris, Senior Analyst, LMC Automotive: The current bus market situation: a global perspective
  • Mr. Turgay Akkaya, Assistant General Manager, ESHOT - Smart and Green Public Transportation; İzmir Case
  • Mr. Erdal Uygun, Director of Transportation services, Edirne Municipality, Turkey / Vice-President of Transportation Commission at the Union of Municipalities of Turkey. - Cooperatives in the institutionalization of individual Operators/ Case study of Edirne Public Transport System.
  • Mr. Berkan Bayram, Founder and Executive Director, TEHAD (Turkey Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Association): The latest Electric and Hybrid vehicle technologies and industry developments.
  • Mrs. Esra Levent, Turkisch representative for Global Passenger Network - Future of coach and coach tourism in Turkey
  • Mr. Sedat Çinar, Deputy Director of Commercial Vehicles, Public and Special Sales, BMC - Brief Insight on the Turkish Busmarket

Moderator: Mr Jan Deman, Director, Busworld Academy


10:00 - 12:00: E-bus

  • Mr. Sebastian Castellanos, Energy And Climate Associate, WRI - Impact of e-bus in urban areas
  • Mrs. Anna Ozdelen, Local Mobility Consultant, Frost & Sullivan - Market Opportunity for Electric Buses in Europe.
  • Mr. Hakan Uzkat, Technology Development Manager, ESHOT - Zero Emission Public Transportation Experience
  • Mr. Muhammed Emre KIRAN, Training Manager, UITP – Tendering processes for the purchase of E-buses
  • Mr. Thomas Mourey, Project Officer, POLIS, network of cities and regions - Eliptic : Optimising existing electric PT infrastucture
  • Mr. Artem Burlakov, Head of Project Office,Mosgortrans - Evolution of electric buses in Moscow

Moderator: Mr. Sebastian Castellanos, WRI

14:00 - 16:00: Safety and Technology in Public Buses

  • Mr. Tolga Imamoglu, Transport & Road Safety Manager, WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities - Status on safety measures in bustransport in Turkey
  • Mr. Hakan Uzun Özet,Head of Transportation Planning Department, ESHOT - İzmir Public Transportation System
  • Mr. Utku Cihan, Chief Urban Planner, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality - Year 2030: Transportation System of Izmir
  • Mr. Zeynel Albas, Metrobus Depot Manager, IETT Istanbul Electricity, Tramway and Tunnel General Management - Metrobus Maintenance Model
  • Mr. Abdullah Keskin,Transportation Planning Manager, Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality - Public Transportation Business Models
  • Mrs. Perihan Aydin, Occupational Health & Safety Consultant, Director Of Business Development , HED Academy - Driver Training & Competency
  • Mrs. Yesim Ayoz, Chairperson, Suat Ayoz Traffic Victims SATMD – How to reduce public transport victims.
  • Mr. Andres Alejandro Pinate, Marketing and Customer Director, Vectalia - Remaking the public transportation riderexperience for the digital era

Moderator: Mr. Tolga Imamoglu, WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities


WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities

WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities develops sustainable urban development and energy efficiency solutions for our cities. Part of WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities network, we are offering evidence based practical solutions for cities in all around the world with our over 200 experts in Brasil, China, India, Mexico, Turkey and USA.

GPN: Global Passenger Network

Global Passenger Network (GPN) is an organization of quality motor coach companies promoting the use of motor coach service through the joint efforts of member motor coach companies and various alliances in the major markets throughout the world. The Network, as a non-profit organization, has as its primary objective the promoting, improving and serving the motor coach industry around the world, particularly within the countries where its members are located, as well as educating the consumer public regarding the availability, benefits and use of motor coach services. From its 10 founders in 2006, GPN has grown to include currently 38 countries members.
Although the goal is to offer service in every country around the world, GPN’s focus remains on quality coach hire rather than quantity, and only the best operators are considered for membership. Further, the Global Passenger Network strives to be the leading international organization in the area of surface passenger transportation.


“ESHOT General Directorate was established to serve the city of Izmir on a wide range of services such as Electricity, Water, Coal Gas, and Public Transport in 1943. As an experienced, deep-rooted and well-established enterprise, ESHOT is affiliated to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and has its own independent budget.

Today, ESHOT General Directorate provides public transportation service throughout the city of İzmir with its recently rejuvenated bus fleet.

İzmir is the 3rd largest city in Turkey with population over 4 million. Each day, over 350.000 active public transport passengers use bus system. Over 1500 scheduled buses operate on over 327 different routes. Every day around 800 thousand journeys are made across bus network.

The General Directorate of ESHOT continues its effective role and duty in public transportation network of Izmir to reach to the targeted contemporary level through its environmentalist new bus fleet.”

  1. Hall B of FUAR IZMIR.
  2. Languages: English, Turkish - Simulaneous Translation


April 19, 2018 · Busworld Academy

Busworld Academy Congress Turkey: Call for Papers Open


at the occasion of Busworld Turkey, 19 - 21 april 2018, Izmir, Turkey / Busworld Türkiye Fuarı, 19-21 Nisan 2018, İzmir Türkiye


The Busworld Academy is looking for speakers with fresh, innovative, cutting edge ideas, concepts, case studies and best practices. /Busworld Academy yenilikçi, en güncel bilgilere sahip, konseptleri bilen ve bilgi ve tecrübelerini örneklerle aktarabilecek konuşmacılarını arıyor.

Seminars will include but are not limited to /Konferans konuları :

  • Constructors Debate/ Otobüs üreticileri tartışma semineri
  • Passengers Debate/ Yolcu ve ulaşım tartışma semineri
  • Evolution towards Zero Emission Buses: technologies & business models for implementation of zero emission bus transport./Sıfır Emisyon Otobüslerine Geçişte Son Gelişmeler: Sıfır emisyonlu otobüs taşımacılığının uygulanması için teknolojiler ve iş modelleri
  • Improving passenger & driver comfort (f. ex Infotainment systems) / Yolcu ve sürücü konforunun artırılması ( bilgilendirme-eğlence sistemleri vb.)
  • Market situation / Pazarın güncel durumu
  • Tendering processes / Teklif ihale süreçleri

Submit your abstract by February 12th 2018! / Talebinizi online form üzerinden en 12 Şubat tarihine kadar yapabilirsiniz.

GUIDELINES FOR ABSTRACTS / Sunum özeti ayrıntıları

  • If the author & co-author represent a bus-coach constructor or supplier who might be an exhibitor at the Busworld Turkey exhibition 2018, priority will be given to exhibitors. / Konuşmacı talep eden konuşmacı ya da konuşmacılar otobüs üreticisi ve Busworld Türkiye İzmir fuarının katılımcısı ise öncelik sahibi olacaktır.
  • All abstracts must be submitted through this online form. / Konuşmacı olma talebi ve bu talebe ait özet sunum online form üzerinden yapılacaktır.
  • Abstracts can be either in English or Turkish / Sunum özeti İngilizce veya Türkçe olabilir.
  • Abstracts must be 300 words or less (max 1 A4 page) / Sunum özeti 300 kelimeyi aşmamalıdır.
  • Abstracts should include a brief presentation of the author and of the institute/company/authority he or she represents. / Özet yapılmak istenen sunumu gerçekleştirecek kişinin özgeçmiş ve temsil ettiği kurum şirket veya dernek ile ilgili bilgileri içermelidir.
  • OEM's and industry are encouraged to submit co-authored abstracts featuring their customers. / OEM ( Orjinal Ekipman Üreticileri) firmaları müşterileri olan otobüs üreticisi markalarla birlikte /hakkında sunum hazırlayabilirler.
  • Your abstract can be based on the topics identified, but we also accept abstracts on topics that are not listed. / Özet içeriği yukarıda listelenmiş konulardan oluşabilir, ancak listelenmeyen konular hakkında özetler de kabul edilir.

SUBMIT YOUR ABSTRACT HERE / Sunum talebi için burayı tıklayınız.

PLANNING SCHEDULE / Planlanan Program

  • Abstracts due to Busworld Academy by February 12th 2018 / Sunum özetleri Busworld Academy’ye en geç 12 Şubat 2018 tarihine kadar gönderilmelidir.
  • Author notification starting March 2018 / Konuşmacılar ve konuların belirlenmesi Mart 2018
  • Presentations & technical papers due to Busworld Academy by April 2nd / Sunumlar & Teknik dökümanlar 2 Nisana kadar iletilmelidir.
  • There is limited space available so please try to indicate your interest as soon as possible. / Konferansta kısıtlı konuşmacı ve içerik olacaktır. Bu sebeple taleplerinizi mümkün olduğu kadar kısa süre içinde yapmanız rica olunur.

MORE INFORMATION / Daha fazla bilgi için

For more information, please contact the Busworld Academy secretariat via or +32 51 22 60 60 / Daha fazla bilgi için lütfen Busworld Academy sekreterliği ile irtibata geçebilirsiniz. (ingilizce)

  1. April 19-20, 2018
  2. Hall A-B of FUAR IZMIR


February 12, 2018 · Busworld Academy

Busworld Academy Conference: Passenger Focused Mobility

Since the Busworld Academy congress was a huge success in the previous edition, it will be organised for a second time during the Busworld Latin America 2017 exhibition in Medellin, Colombia

Register for the conference and the exhibition here

  1. December 5-7, 2017
  2. Medellín Colombia


December 05, 2017 · Busworld Academy

UITP and Busworld Research and Innovation day: ZeEUS and other Bus Projects

The main results of ZeEUS, the most important EU funded project about electric bus systems, running since 2013, will be the core topic of the day. Additionally, a selection of key themes from the following UITP Bus R&I projects will be also presented:

  • ELIPTIC: Multimodal use of charging infrastructure and the evolution of trolley-hybrid systems,
  • EBSF_2: Innovation on bus design, energy management and maintenance strategies,
  • JIVE : Fuel cell bus deployment actions,
  • ASSURED: A look into the future of interoperable high-speed charging systems

All presentations can be downloaded here

For more information, please contact

  1. October 25, 2017
  2. Busworld Europe 2017, Kortrijk Xpo
  3. Free of charge with obligatory registration


October 25, 2017 · Busworld Academy

UITP - Busworld International Bus Conference: "Integrate + Connect"

Busworld is very excited to announce its strategic partnership with UITP which combines UITP’s global knowledge base with Busworld’s more than 40 years’ experience. The two partners will be working closely together to develop the two-day conference (23-24 October) that will highlight the major trends and developments affecting the bus industry, from connected and autonomous buses to the rollout of clean electric bus fleets.

Topics will include:

  • Achieving full electric operations
  • Introduction of driverless technology
  • Support for modular and high capacity vehicles
  • Digitalisation
  • Cost efficiency

See the full programme here

  1. 23 - 24 October, 2017
  2. Kortrijk Xpo, Doorniksesteenweg 216, 8500 Kortrijk


October 23, 2017 · Busworld Academy

India day: The Indian Bus & Coach Market – Opportunities, Evolutions and Challenges

The Indian Bus and Coach market as well from investors perspective as from users perspective is showing plenty of development possibilities for the coming years as a continuously growing community is more than ever before oriented towards using public and private bus & coach transport.

During an introduction session, Frost and Sullivan will provide us an insight in the actual and future Indian Bus and Coach market. This will be the basis for an open round-table conversation between all participants.

Download the presentation here.

  1. October 21, 2017
  2. Busworld Europe, Kortrijk Xpo


October 21, 2017 · Busworld Academy

IRU & Busworld Academy International Coach Conference

The coach sector is evolving continually but it still suffers from an image deficit and is faced with multiple challenges such as access to cities, new low-emission technologies… Join us to discuss the current challenges and to shape the future together!

Download the presentations here

Why attend?

DEBATE – Coaches and cities: friends or foes? Join an exciting debate between coach operators and representatives of major European cities.

LEARN – What will coaches look like in 15 years? How will they be propelled? IRU unveils its “Coach of the Future” initiative.

ACT - Engage with CEOs from leading coachoperators and vehicle manufacturers. Make your voice heard and contribute to shaping the future of the coach sector


09h00- 09h30 Registration & welcome coffee

09h30 - 10h00 Welcome words

  • Redgy Deschacht - Busworld President
  • Umberto de Pretto - IRU Secretary General

10h00 - 11h20

Session I: Coaches and cities: friends or foes?

Coach operators and city representatives will debate the place of coaches in urban mobility and planning. The focus will be the significant contribution to local economies of group tourism by coach and the challenges faced by the coach sector, such as city access and traffic restrictions in parts of Europe.

Keynote speech

BDO study on group tourism by coach: results and recommendations - Nina Jaschke, Tourism and Statistics, BDO

Panel Debate

  • Damien Pons - Transport economics/ Tourism and mobility, City of Paris
  • Sergio Fernández Balaguer - Communication & Consultancy Department, EMT Madrid
  • Allan Edmondson - Head of Transport, ETOA
  • Frans Schuitemaker - Managing Director, OAD
  • Kai Neumann - Advisor for Intercity Coaches and Coordinator IG Fernbus, BDO

11h20 - 11h35 Coffee break

11h35 - 13h05

Session II: The clean coach of the future: development and deployment

Aspiring to eco-friendly vehicles, coach operators and vehicle manufacturers will analyse potential technological developments such as alternative fuels and propulsion systems for coaches. Current and future business cases for their deployment as well as business recommendations on how to achieve low-emission long-distance coach services will also be discussed.

Keynote speech

The coach of the future: preliminary results of the IRU study - ISINNOVA

Panel Debate

  • Håkan Agnevall - President, Volvo Bus Corporation, ACEA Chairman Buses and Coaches
  • Shao Nengqiang - Product Manager of European & American Division, Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd
  • Isbrand Ho - Managing Director, BYD Europe B.V
  • Tomas Byberg - CEO, Byberg & Nordin
  • Paul Cremers - CEO, Staf Cars

13h05 - 13h20 Conclusions

Join us for refreshments after the event at the IRU stand (Hall Rambla North - R30).

View the agenda

  1. Oct 20, 2017
  2. Meeting Centre: MC 3 & 4, Kortrijk Xpo, Acces through Entrance North
  3. Participation is free of charge for all conference attendees including free access to the Busworld Europe exhibition.


October 20, 2017 · Busworld Academy

ZEB-Congres: De introductie van elektrische bussen in Vlaanderen

Tijdens dit event geven we u een stand van zaken van de werking van het Platform ZEB aangevuld met panelgesprekken vanuit de sector en vanuit het energie- en mobiliteitsbeleid. Verder sluit het programma aan bij de officiële opening van Busworld Kortrijk. HET ZEB-congres zorgt er voor dat je op één namiddag mee bent met Zero Emissie Busvervoer in Vlaanderen.

Tijdens Busworld Europe, 19 oktober, 12u-20u, Kortrijk Xpo


12:00 | Onthaal met walking-lunch
13:00 | Verwelkoming - Presentaties & panelgesprekken

  • Leerpunten voorVlaanderen vanuit platform Zero Emissie Busvervoer
  • Panelgesprek -operationele uitdagingen Zero Emissie Busvervoer
  • Panelgesprek -beleidsmatige uitdagingen Zero Emissie Busvervoer

16:00 | Verplaatsing met Zero Emission bussen naar de Stadschouwburg voor de officiële opening
16:30 | Officiële opening van Busworld met o.a. Keynote van Peter Hinssen
18:30 | VIP tour doorheen de beurs + Openingsreceptie


  • Bart Tommelein, Vlaams Vice-Minister President enVlaams Minister voor Begroting, Financiën en Energie
  • Roger Kesteloot, Directeur Generaal VVM / De Lijn
  • Koen Kennis, Schepen voor Mobiliteit van Antwerpen
  • Redgy Deschacht, CEO, Keolis België
  • Carlo Mol, Project Leader- Unit Energy Technology, VITO Energyville
  • Sven Huysmans, Projectcoördinator ZEB-Platform
  • Joris Larosse, Directeur, De Polder, Antwerpen
  • Olivier van Mullem, Zaakvoerder, Van Mullem en Zonen,Tienen
  • Filip De Hauwere, zaakvoerder, 't Ros Beiaard, Lebbeke
  • Kurt Vanderhispallie, Diensthoofd Klantenservice Eandis
  • Ben Van Roose, HeadManufacturing Industries Agoria


Wil je graag deelnemen? De deelname is gratis, inschrijven is wel verplicht. KLIK HIER

!Opgelet! Plaatsen zijn beperkt, schrijf je tijdig in

  1. October 19, 2017
  2. Kortrijk XPO, Meeting Center
  3. Gratis, registratie verplicht
  4. Taal: Nederlands


October 19, 2017 · Busworld Academy

MOBILINNOVATION: Innovatieve mobiliteit voor truck & bus

Kansen en risico's bij de keuze voor CNG/LNG

Een samenwerking van POM West-Vlaanderen, FEBETRA, KVBG en Busworld Academy

Eind 2016 moet België, hierin aangestuurd door de regio’s, aan Europa vertellen welke concrete maatregelen zullen genomen worden om de klimaatdoelstellingen te halen. Het hoofdstuk “Transport” zal hierbij een duidelijke call hebben voor alle truck- en busbedrijven in Vlaanderen.

In de zoektocht naar “zero-emission” in het truck- en busvervoer, wordt het gebruik van CNG en LNG op korte termijn gezien als een haalbaar alternatief. DATS 24 investeert fors in de distributie, logistieke bedrijven als Mattheeuws Transport JOST, VOS Logistics en Ninatrans rijden nu al op CNG/LNG, en Mattheeuws Transport heeft zelfs een eigen bevoorradingsstation. In het busvervoer experimenteert Keolis met biogas…. Andere initiatieven lijken trager op gang te komen.

Wat bezielt die bedrijven ? Welke technische, financiële of juridische argumenten staven hun keuze ? Over welke troeven beschikken Vlaanderen & België?

U hoort het op Mobilinnovation 2016, op 14 december vanaf 13u30 te Kortrijk !

Deelname is gratis, maar registratie verplicht
Inschrijven via deze link


13u00 Ontvangst
13u30 Verwelkoming

Philippe Tavernier, Algemeen coördinator Duurzame Economie, POM West-Vlaanderen

13u45 Perspectives for CNG/LNG on the European market

Matthias Maedge, Secretaris Generaal, NGV Association Europe

14u15 Aandachtspunten bij de aankoop van een CNG-Voertuig

Marc Pecqueur, Docent & onderzoeksontwikkelaar, Thomas More

14u30 Bevoorrading

  • Huidige situatie in België

Rudy Van Beurden, Communication & Public Affairs Manager, Fluxys

  • Testimonials

Philippe Desrumaux, Managing Director, Drive Systems
Maarten Van Houdenhove, Communication & PR Manager, Dats24

  • Q&A

15u15 Koffiepauze

15u45 Panelgesprek: Incentives en reëel gebruik van CNG/LNG in het vrachtvervoer

Moderator: Philippe Degraef, Directeur, FEBETRA

Ervaringen van Operatoren: Waarom gekozen voor CNG?

  • Bert Verbessem, JOST
  • Anne-Marie Timmermans, VOS Logistics
  • Charlotte Mattheeuws, MattheeuwsTransport
  • Benny Smets, Ninatrans

Panelgesprek constructeurs: Wat is binnen een realistisch businessmodel mogelijk?

  • Philippe Jacquemyns, Volvo
  • Kristof Geeroms, IVECO, Technical tender support & CNG/LNG specialist
  • Robert Staimer, MAN Truck & Bus AG, Efficiency Advisor Product Marketing Low Floor

16:30 Panelgesprek: Introductie van CNG/LNG in het personenvervoer

Moderator: Jan Deman, Directeur Busworld Academy

Ervaringen van Operatoren: Waarom al/nog niet gekozen voor CNG/LNG?

  • CASE: Nijmegen, Geert de Groote, Pitpoint
  • Loic Delhuvenne, IDETA
  • Marc Decock, Keolis
  • Erik Spitaels, spreker
  • Mario Provez, Hansea

Panelgesprek constructeurs: Wat is op vandaag technisch mogelijk?

  • Philippe Jacquemyns, Volvo
  • Kristof Geeroms, IVECO, Technical tender support & CNG/LNG specialist
  • Robert Staimer, MAN Truck & Bus AG, Efficiency Advisor Product Marketing Low Floor

17u15 Wat brengt de toekomst?
Mark Pecqueur, Docent & onderzoeksontwikkelaar, Thomas More


Videoboodschap Bart Tommelein

Carl Decaluwe, Gouverneur West-Vlaanderen

17u40 Netwerkdrink met broodjes

  1. December 14, 2016
  2. Kortrijk Xpo
  3. Deelname is gratis, maar registratie verplicht
  4. Inschrijven viadeze link
14 Dec
December 14, 2016 · Busworld Academy

Busworld Academy Congress - Congreso | Busworld Latin America 5-6.12.2016 !

'Future oriented bus and coach transport in Latin America' - 'Futuro del transporte en autobús orientado a Latinoamérica'


A view on the bus & coach market in Latin & South America - Mr. Hernan Cavarra, Frost & Sullivan
Una mirada hacia el mercado de autobuses en Latinoamérica - Sr. Hernan Cavarra, Frost & Sullivan

Road Transport Customer Service - Mr. Luis Fernando Pacheco, Grupo Empresarial Coomotor
Servicio al cliente en empresas de transporte terrestre de pasajeros - Sr. Luis Fernando Pacheco, Grupo Empresarial Coomotor

Why go by coach? Study into the main drivers of passengers to choose the coach - Mr. Sander Mouton, ICB
Por qué ir en autocar? Estudio sobre los principales motivaciones de pasajeros paraeµ elegir el autocar - Sr. Sander Mouton, ICB

Emotions and experiences in today's marketing - Mr. Alejandro Bernal, Heart Emotional Consulting
Emociones y experiencias en el marketing de hoy - Sr. Alejandro Bernal, Heart Emotional Consulting

Fleet control, ticketing systems, e-commerce and management - Mr. Gonzalo Salinas, Sisorg
Manejo y control de flotas de autocbuses - Sr. Gonzalo Salinas, Sisorg

Public Transport in smart and connected cities - Mrs. Eleonora Pazos, UITP
Transporte público en ciudades inteligentes y conectadas - Sra. Eleonora Pazos, UITP

Medellín as a model for integrated urban transport - Medellín Mobility Secretary
Medellín como modelo para la integración del transporte urbano - Secretaria de Movilidad de Medellín

BRT Systems development - Mr Victor Raúl Martínez, Transmilenio
Desarollo de sistemas BRT en Colombia, Sr. Victor Raúl Martínez, Transmilenio

Social and Environmental management for BRT Systems - Mrs Libertad Martinez
La gestión social y ambiental de sistemas BRT - Sra Libertad Martinez

BRT of Lima: Working to improve the city's transport problems - Mr. Sergio Martínez Sánchez, EMT Madrid
BRT de Lima: Trabajando para mejorar el transporte de la ciudad - Sr. Sergio Martínez Sánchez, EMT Madrid

The future role for private companies - Mr. Ivan Dario Restrepo, Santra
La futura función de las empresas privadas - Sr. Ivan Dario Restrepo, Santra

ZeEUS Electric Bus Project - Mrs Eleonora Pazos, UITP
Proyecto ZeEUS: Bus Eléctrico – Sra Eleonora Pazos, UITP

Inductive opportunity charging, making e-buses for BRT competitive – Mr Pablo Miguel Lleras Restrepo, LLEGAS Consultores S.A.S/MAGMENT UG
Carga de oportunidad inductiva que hace que los e-buses para BRT sean competitivos – Sr Pablo Miguel Lleras Restrepo, LLEGAS Consultores S.A.S/MAGMENT UG

CNG buses and infrastructure development – Mr. Josep Ariño, Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona.
Infraestructura y desarrollo de buses en CNG – Sr. Josep Ariño, Transporte Metropolitano de Barcelona.

ISUZU’s natural gas vehicles – Mr Akiyoshi Kishi, ISUZU
Los vehículos de gas natural de ISUZU – Sr Akiyoshi Kishi, ISUZU

GLP as an alternative for efficient mobility – Dr. Mauricio Gómez, Consultoría Regulatoria S.A.S.
GLP como alternativa para la movilidad eficiente – Dr Mauricio Gómez, Consultoría Regulatoria S.A.S.

Volvo’s Vision on the evolution towards zero emission buses in Latin America – Mr. Alexandre Selski, Volvo Bus Latin America
Visión de Volvo sobre la evolución hacia autobuses de cero emisión en América Latina - Sr Alexandre Selski, Volvo Bus Latin America

Analysis of accidents and lessons to be learned – Mr Patrick Botto, Accidentologist
Análisis de accidentes y las lecciones a ser aprendidas – Sr Patrick Botto, Accidentologo

Accidents of foreign buses of passengers as a result of the lack of infrastructure and control in Latin America – Mr Fernando Campanini, Presidente, Comision de Seguridad Vial y Transporte del Colegio de Abogados de Rosario (ARG)
Accidentes de autobuses de pasajeros foráneos por falta de infraestructura y de control en América Latina– Sr Fernando Campanini, Presidente, Comision de Seguridad Vial y Transporte del Colegio de Abogados de Rosario (ARG)

Fire safety in the bus and coach sector – Mr Fredrik Rosen, Fire Research, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
Seguridad contra incendios en el sector de autobuses y autocares – Sr Fredrik Rosen, Investigación de Incendios, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

New Trends in Public Transportation – Mr Robert Huber, Member of the UITP Policy Board and Chairman/President of the Small and Medium sized enterprises (SME) of the UITP-Industry Division.
Nuevas tendencias en el transporte público - Sr Robert Huber, Miembro del Consejo de Políticas de la UITP y Presidente de las Pequeñas y Medianas Empresas (PYME) de la División de Industria de la UITP.

The importance of the safety belt – Dr Peter Lawrence, Certified Director of Pupil Transportation (USA)
La importancia del cinturón de seguridad – Dr Peter Lawrence, Certified Director of Pupil Transportation (USA)

R66 and ECE coach and bus body building regulations - Mr Juan Pablo Puentes, National Executive Director, Asonicar
Normativa R66 y normas ECE para la construcción de carrocerias – Ing. Juan Pablo Puentes, Dir. Ejecutivo Nacional, Asonicar

How driver training contributes to safety – Mr Nicolás Villamil, Market Analyst & CRM, Expreso Bolivariano
¿Cómo el entrenamiento de conductores contribuye a la seguridad? – Sr Nicolás Villamil, Analista Mercadeo y C.R.M., Expreso Bolivariano

Comfort and safety in public transportation – Mrs Martha Bernal, Professor, Universidad Javeriana
Confort y seguridad en el transporte público – Sra Martha Bernal, Profesora, Universidad Javeriana

New Challenges for bus tourism operator - Dr. Lupoani Sanchez, Executive President, Acoltes
Nuevos retos para los operadores de transporte turístico - Dr. Lupoani Sanchez, Presidente Ejecutivo, Acoltes

Transport for People with Reduced Mobility – Mr Gustavo Martìnez, Private Transportation Consultant
Transporte de personas con movilidad reducida – Sr Gustavo Martìnez, Consultor en Transporte y Movilidad.

Mobile units for the development of pedagogical campaigns on buses – Mr Diego Rodríguez, General Director, Alegría Activity America S.A,
Unidades Móviles para el desarollo de campañas pedagógicas en U. Moviles especiales y buses – Sr. Diego Rodríguez, Director General, Alegría Activity America S.A,

Party buses, operator experience – Mr David Gonzalez, Operator “Party Chiva”
Chivas y buses recreativos, la experiencia del operador – Sr David Gonzalez, Operador “Party Chiva”

Office on wheels : the Belgian initiative – Mr Jan Deman, Secretary General, Belgian Federation for Bus Operators
Oficina sobre ruedas: la iniciativa belga – Sr Jan Deman, Secretario General, Federación Belga de Operadores de autobuses y autocares

  1. December 5, 2016
  2. Location: Busworld Latin America - Plaza Mayor Exhibition Center - Medellin, Colombia


December 05, 2016 · Busworld Academy

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