ZEB-Congres: De introductie van elektrische bussen in Vlaanderen

Tijdens dit event geven we u een stand van zaken van de werking van het Platform ZEB aangevuld met panelgesprekken vanuit de sector en vanuit het energie- en mobiliteitsbeleid. Verder sluit het programma aan bij de officiële opening van Busworld Kortrijk. HET ZEB-congres zorgt er voor dat je op één namiddag mee bent met Zero Emissie Busvervoer in Vlaanderen.

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October 19, 2017 · Busworld Academy

IRU & Busworld Academy International Coach Conference

The coach sector is evolving continually but it still suffers from an image deficit and is faced with multiple challenges such as access to cities, new low-emission technologies… Join us to discuss the current challenges and to shape the future together!

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October 20, 2017 · Busworld Academy

UITP - Busworld International Bus Conference: "Integrate + Connect"

Busworld is very excited to announce its strategic partnership with UITP which combines UITP’s global knowledge base with Busworld’s more than 40 years’ experience. The two partners will be working closely together to develop the two-day conference (23-24 October) that will highlight the major trends and developments affecting the bus industry, from connected and autonomous buses to the rollout of clean electric bus fleets.

Topics will include:

  • Achieving full electric operations
  • Introduction of driverless technology
  • Support for modular and high capacity vehicles
  • Digitalisation
  • Cost efficiency

See the full programme here

  1. 23 - 24 October, 2017
  2. Kortrijk Xpo, Doorniksesteenweg 216, 8500 Kortrijk

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October 23, 2017 · Busworld Academy

UITP and Busworld Research and Innovation day: ZeEUS and other Bus Projects

The main results of ZeEUS, the most important EU funded project about electric bus systems, running since 2013, will be the core topic of the day. Additionally, a selection of key themes from the following UITP Bus R&I projects will be also presented:

  • ELIPTIC: Multimodal use of charging infrastructure and the evolution of trolley-hybrid systems,
  • EBSF_2: Innovation on bus design, energy management and maintenance strategies,
  • JIVE : Fuel cell bus deployment actions,
  • ASSURED: A look into the future of interoperable high-speed charging systems

Please click here to consult a draft agenda.

This event is free of charge with obligatory registration.Click here to register.

For more information, please contact marta.vandenbergh@uitp.org

  1. October 25, 2017
  2. Busworld Europe 2017, Kortrijk Xpo
  3. Free of charge with obligatory registration

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October 25, 2017 · Busworld Academy

Busworld Academy Conference: Passenger Focused Mobility

Since the Busworld Academy congress was a huge success in the previous edition, it will be organised for a second time during the Busworld Latin America 2017 exhibition in Medellin, Colombia

The title of the congress will be:'Passenger focused mobility'.

Confirmed Speakers:


  • Hernán Cavarra, Intelligent Mobility Industry Analyst for Latin America, Frost & Sullivan


  • Alain Denis, Managing Director, Yellow Window
  • Zhang Yiying, Yutong
  • Andre Selski, Manager Colombia, Caribbean, Central America & Venzuela, Volvo Bus Latin America


  • Eleonora Pazos, Chef Latin American Division, UITP
  • Jaime Delgado, Presidente, CANAPAT
  • Vidal Mut, Y4PT
  • Cesar Augusto Vargas Borraer, Grupo Colombia
  • Angela Maria Barrera, Founder, TRANSTEC Colombia
  • Raquel Morcillo, GPN
  • Daniel Perez Rodriguez, Y4PT


  • Marc Hoffman, CEO, Checkmybus.com
  • Vidal Melo, Professor MBA Internet of Things, University of São Paulo
  • Felipe Alcebiades, Marketing & New Business Development Coordinator, Prodata Mobility
  • Fabricio Daminato, CEO, ACTRANS
  • Santiago Vela, Azimut
  • Roberto Sganzerla, Experto en Comunicación y Marketing en Transportes


  • Fredrik Rosen, Marketing Manager Division Transport and Safety, RI.SE
  • Raoul Ochoterena, RI.SE
  • Bret Brooks, Chief Operating Officer, Gray Ram Tactical
  • Jorge Luis Cepeda Miranda, General Manager, COINAV S.A
  • Patrick Botto, Accidentologist, Road Safety Specialist


  • Diego Andres Galindo Medina, Director - Jefe de Diseño, CETSVICOL
  • Cristiane Profiti Diaz, Coordinator Project Development Department, EMTU - Metropolitan Bus Authority of São Paulo State


  • Danilo Leonardo Santamaria Vilatuña, Internal Counselor, Transportes Occidentales
  • Sebastian M. Lichet, Especialista en Transporte y Logística, Metrobus
  • Dayo Mobereola, Transport Consultant, Almacht Ltd
  • Angel Molinero, Founder, USTRAN
  • Juan Hernandez, Project Engineer, Transportes Medellin Castillas S.A.S

  1. December 5-7, 2017
  2. Medellín Colombia

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December 05, 2017 · Busworld Academy

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