First P-mark certificate for fire suppression systems in engine compartments of buses and coaches now published

In spite of many reported bus fire incidents, no international standards for evaluating performance of fire suppression systems in bus engine compartments have previously existed. In cooperation with international stakeholders, SP has therefore developed a new fire test standard, SP method 4912. As a further extinguishment system quality assurance,
SP has established a voluntary certification and quality mark – the P-mark – according to SPCR 183 (SP Certification Rules).

Several companies are at present running tests at SP in order to obtain the P-mark and
recently the first issued P-mark certificate in accordance with SPCR 183 was
published at: where future issued certificates
also will be published.

A fire suppression system tested in accordance with SP method 4912 has shown
its functionality against realistic bus engine fires. A P-marked system, tested
in accordance to SPCR 183, further demonstrates a high degree of robustness as
it is also tested for resistance to harsh environments in internationally
accepted vehicle standards, in addition to the SP method 4912 fire tests.
Quality assurance and control over time is maintained through an independent,
approved auditor that reviews factory production control.

An innovative and important component of the P-mark process is a risk
assessment requirement based on the fire test results to optimize the fire
suppression system design in real bus engine compartments.

The P-mark will facilitate procurement processes for both buyers and sellers.
By adopting the P-mark the industry can be assured that the systems maintain an
acceptable level of quality and safety. At the same time it will be easy to
spot and exclude substandard systems from the market.

More information can be found at:


Fredrik Rosen
Marketing Manager at the Department of Fire Technology - SP Technical Research
Institute of Sweden
Tel. +46 105 16 56 86

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